We bring together experienced, passionate and talented teams to deliver successful, data and insight-led fundraising campaigns.

Private sites

Our dedicated fundraising teams work right across the country at carefully selected private sites to deliver engaging face-to-face campaigns which have been specially formulated to sign up members of the public to direct debit sponsorship.

Each campaign is put together by looking at the right mix of target audience and geographical spread. Sites could include a combination of supermarkets, shopping centres, train stations, airports and local / national shows.

We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of the locations we visit to find the best possible sites for our fundraisers. We also actively seek out and trial new venues to ensure we are always at the forefront of consumer trends and activity.


Our specialist door-to-door teams engage with members of the public at their doorsteps, in a respectful and engaging way. This is a tried and tested way of generating long-term donors for our charity partners and a method of fundraising we have used for over 20 years.

Door-to-door fundraisers speak to potential donors about our charity partners, their campaigns and objectives using carefully prepared tools and materials.

We continue to monitor where we fundraise to ensure that we are targeting the right people in the right areas, to give the very best return in quality long-term donors for our charity partners.

Experiential engagement

We work closely with our charity partners to plan and deliver engaging experiences that positively reinforce their objectives.

From sensory activities to the latest in virtual reality, we are experienced at using the latest technology and techniques to make positive connections with potential donors, alongside our tried and tested engagement methods.

We’ve shown that interactive experiences are an extremely useful tool for our fundraisers, helping them to make that initial connection, spark conversation and raise brand awareness for our charities.

Charity partnerships

At Charity Link we care passionately about our clients, their causes and the quality of the service we provide. Our open and inclusive approach has helped nurture relationships with some of the best loved charities for over 20 years.

We work in close partnership to generate cost effective donor recruitment programmes that meet and exceed our charities’ long-term business objectives as well as helping to raise brand awareness.

We are a natural extension to our clients’ teams and passionate ambassadors for their brands.


We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the industry, both in terms of ethics and professionalism. We achieve this through our consistently high standards of training and development.

All our fundraisers take part in our comprehensive induction course. This training includes dedicated sessions to learn about the charity, the role of a fundraiser and the importance of adhering to regulatory requirements alongside in depth sales-skills training.

This first class training is delivered by industry professionals who have worked as fundraisers themselves and are passionate and committed to excellence. Our aim is for all our fundraisers to feel fully informed, supported and engaged so that we represent our charities to the highest possible standard.

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